Humanities at Dublin

The Humanities — the study of Language and Literature, History, and World Languages (coupled with our extensive arts requirements) — are disciplines of memory and imagination, telling us as people where we have been and helping us envision where we are going. At Dublin, they provide an intellectual framework and context for understanding and thriving in a changing world, and they directly connect us with the global community and those that look and think differently from ourselves

When we study these subjects, we learn not only what, but how and why. Dublin humanities courses are lively, discussion-based, intensive and relevant and are designed to teach students to question, analyze, debate and communicate — skills that are critically important in shaping adults who can become independent thinkers. The curriculum couples introductory survey courses focused on major historical trends and literary traditions with an extensive and changing library of electives. Electives are often developed and offered based on the specific requests of students. 

We are committed to liberal education because we know the immense, life-long benefits of rigorous study of the humanities. Our focus is on strengthening clarity of written and oral expression, critical and analytic reasoning, and the creativity to think outside the box. Students read a wide variety of sources from news articles to graphic novels to scholarly criticism to primary source documents in an attempt to discern the differing views on a critical topic. They learn research skills and write major research papers. Our course work results in an advanced level of preparation for university level academic work.